We supply and fit all types of vehicle glass including car windscreens, van glass and HGV glazing using professionally qualified vehicle glass technicians and the latest equipment to ensure an excellent service at unbeatable prices.

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Your Lorry / HGV (heavy goods vehicle) is your workhorse and you expect it to earn its keep, often subjecting it to harsh weather and road conditions. However, in order to keep it working properly you need to get repairs done promptly. A small chip on your truck windscreen may not seem serious, but if you neglect it, it may turn into a crack and a truck windscreen repair will become a truck windscreen replacement.

Our commercial glass technicians can assess any damage, and advise whether a truck windscreen repair is feasible, or whether you need to go for a lorry windscreen replacement instead. They can also assess and carry out many other commercial auto glass services such as truck front window replacement, truck front quarter glass replacement, truck front vent glass replacement and truck rear window replacement. Whatever your HGV commercial glass requirements, ask us for a quote.

Owning a fleet of vehicles which are constantly under heavy use can mean that your windscreens will inevitably sustain damage in the form of chips and cracks. As part of a professional service we can visit your fleet and our skilled technicians will be able to repair or fit new windscreens to your fleet of vehicles, be it vans, coaches, lorries, or any type of car, to make sure you don't have any unnecessary down-time in your work.

Whether you need repairs or replacements for your fleet here at The Windscreen People Ltd we can provide you with top quality service from our trained professionals – and with 24 hour emergency response you know we have you covered at any time you need us. Simply call us today to arrange a visit or to find out what we can do for you and your fleet.

Repairing a windscreen with a stone chip is a job better done sooner rather than later. If a chip or small crack is left unattended it can elongate and become worse with driving. If the damage becomes too bad, there may be no alternative but to replace the whole screen. Replacement windscreens are usually covered by your insurance, but there may be an excess to pay and the replacement may affect future insurance premiums.

If it proves that your glass too badly damaged to for a repair and replacement is the only option, don’t worry, you are in good hands. All our technicians are fully qualified for performing windshield replacements. A windshield replacement will take about an hour, but if the screen is bonded (as most modern cars and vans are) then there will be a further wait time of an hour to allow the bonding process to complete.

If your vehicle's side window becomes damaged, then it cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced. This is due to the way side windows are made, even the smallest chip means the whole window will need replacing.

Unlike your front windscreen, if your rear windscreen (back glass) gets damaged it will usually need to be replaced. Our highly trained technicians can remove and dispose of the old rear windscreen and install a new high-quality piece of glass in around 60 minutes.

We also offer a conversion service, removing the rear panels of your van, campervan or truck and fitting windows in. Please get in touch to arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements.